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Website Creation

Customized website with UI/UX, focus on SEO and mobile version

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The website nowadays represents the initial point of contact with your potential customers, we at JLLDesign understand this well and we know the importance of creating and producing a quality and functional website. Our design and interaction philosophy is simple , we design creative websites, focusing on usability and conversion, we use advanced techniques to create websites that guarantee faster performance and compatibility with desktop, tablet and mobile.

The Site will have its development guided by the rules and guidelines for better indexing by Google and other search engines. and Social Networks (Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.).

Discover our website development techniques:

  • Alignment of codes according to Search Engine guidelines

  • Sitemap generation to streamline access to website pages

  • robots.txt configuration

  • Configuring Google Webmaster Tools to check performance, among other data provided by Google

  • Adaptation of the content to be inserted on the website to the standards recommended by Search Engines


Important factors for Social Networks:

  • Implementation of sharing plugins for all social networks defined by the CLIENT* (facebook, twitter, etc.)

  • Implementation of widgets that facilitate sharing of website content

SEO Optimization


JLLDESIGN develop a new website suited to your visual identity, with a modern, attractive layout and fully integrated with the indexing rules of search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) and Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Otimização SEO

This proposal of ours includes:

•Information Architecture

•Template-based layouts

•Site will be developed using the WIX platform, allowing easy content changes by CLIENT employees

•Implementation of SEO techniques (optimization for Google and search engines)

•Creation of favicon to highlight the page in browsers

•Implementation of sharing plugins on Social Networks

•Implementation of analytical tools

•The website will be available in Portuguese

•Usability Tests

•Implementation in a definitive environment

E-mail marketing


Our Email marketing campaigns are developed with two objectives:


We work with larger quantities and in a shorter amount of time.


Relationship -

Basic treatment and continuous relationship with contacts, with smaller quantities and longer shipping periods.

We offer all stages of email marketing: from creating artwork to providing real-time statistics reports. Email marketing is a direct relationship tool with customers and prospects. JLLDesign offers a tool through monthly plans.


The features are:

  • Inclusion and Sanitization of contact lists;

  • Creation of campaigns, with templates produced by JLLDesign;

  • Automatic unsubscribe link included in campaigns;

Graphic statistical reports;

  • Real-time performance: every time your contact opened or clicked on a link in your campaign, our email marketing tool generates a record, updated in real time;

  • Scheduling future shots: you don't need to access the tool to prepare each shot on its date, just program and schedule the sending date/time and the tool will send the corresponding shot.

Email Marketing
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